Club Rules

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Dress Code Proper tennis attire is to be worn by members and guests
Proper non-marking footwear must be worn
  • $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for juniors will be prepaid by the member
    Playing via the court booking system; otherwise the court cannot be booked
  • Guests may play ONLY three (3) times per season.
  • A member may have ONLY three (3) guests per season.
Hours Courts can be booked from 7 am to 11:00 pm each day.
Online Booking
  • Singles can be booked for 1 hour; Doubles can be booked for 2 hours
    All the players’ names including the guest names must be entered before
    The court can be booked. Courts can be booked 7 days in advance.
  • The Clubhouse clock is the official time.
  • Courts reserved for league play or coaching will be so designated
    Check the court booking page for the reserved / pre booked courts.
  • Courts booked on line and not used will be monitored
  • Parents are responsible for behavior of their children on club premises.
  • Please use Court Etiquette at all times which includes:
    • not coming on a court while ‘play’ is in session
    • not going along the back of a court while play is in session – this is very important as players may not be aware of a person behind them and may inadvertently make contact with a person with their racquet during a swing
  • Any problems should be directed to a member of the Board of Directors, or the Club Pro.
  • Memberships are NOT transferable or saleable
    Membership fees will only be refunded at the discretion of the Board
  • A member using a ball machine is restricted to court 2
  • No signs are to be posted without the consent of the Board of Directors.
  • Coaching is only allowed by the Club Pro or designate.


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