Court Booking

  1. On-line court booking is required for all court reservations
  2. There is a MAXIMUM of one hour of singles or two hours of doubles per day. Members can book courts 8 days in advance with a maximum of three bookings per week . If the player has already reached the maximum of three bookings in a week, on the day the player does not have a court booking, a court booking can be made on the SAME day, but not in advance, if there is an empty court (allowing 7 days of bookings per week). More than one court booking in a day is not permitted. This is to ensure equitable access for all members.
    Example: Deb has court bookings for three days of the week. On the day she doesn't have a court booking, if there are empty courts, she can book a court that same day. If she has a court booking that day, even if there are empty courts an additional court booking is not allowed.
  3. Guest bookings should be done with the "Guest Player" user profile along with the member's profile(s). There will be a $10 charge for guests which must be prepaid by the member. Guests may play ONLY three (3) times per season in total (not three times with each different member). A member may have ONLY three (3) guests per season (not 3 times per different guest). Guest fees are non-refundable.
  4. Courts booked on-line but not used will be monitored.
  5. Courts reserved for the Club Pro, leagues and special events will be so designated.
  6. Courts can be cancelled up to the time of booking. Cancelling courts within the 24 hours prior to the reservation should only be done due to inclement weather or unforeseeable circumstances and will be monitored.
  7. Use of a ball machine is restricted to court 1 or 2. Use of any other courts will only be permitted at the discretion of the Club Pro.
  8. Only the Club Pro, Assistant Club Pro and the Junior Director can provide lessons on the courts.