Board of Directors

Appleby Tennis Club Board of Directors for 2020

President Diane Bayes
Past President Shyam Ramachandran
Vice President Deb Yamamura
Treasurer Tudor Enache
Membership Pat Fujimoto Howe
Tournaments Steve Butt
Adult Leagues Kelly Gleeson
Junior Leagues Mike O'Neill and Sasha Curgus
Maintenance Larry Carr
Social Lori Wallace
Club Pro Adrian Tollstam
Secretary Claudia Hargrave
Director at Large Bob Flake
Honorary Director Ed Margueratt

* Please note that the Board of Directors works as a Team and may take on additional duties as required *

Contact Any of the Board of Directors During the season (April - October)

E-Mail: (specify title / person in the subject line)


Volunteers: Appleby Tennis Club is a volunteer organization. We are able to maintain modest fees because you volunteer to assist the Board of Directors in duties that are part of their responsibilities. We encourage all to volunteer.

Please let us know how you would like to volunteer on the Registration Form.