The Appleby Tennis Club Ladder is designed to give players the opportunity to MEET other players of similar ability and to IMPROVE their singles skills in a competitive, but friendly environment.

ATC (Simplified) Box Ladder Rules:

(You will receive the BOX LADDER via e-mail in the beginning of each month from the ladder co-ordinator. Joining the ladder is FREE. You can join by filling out the sign up sheet in the clubhouse or by sending an e-mail request to our website at

1. ARRANGE A GAME with the people in your box (either via e-mail or phone call).
2. Each player brings a NEW CAN OF BALLS, unless both players agree to use a FAIRLY NEW BALLS. The WINNER KEEPS the new can of balls.
3. Game format is PRO SET (first player to win 8 games) unless both players agree to play 2 out of 3 sets.
4. In case of a 7-7 score, a 12 point TIE BREAKER will be played to decide who is the winner.
5. One player SPINS his/her racket to decide who SERVES FIRST. The other player then decides WHICH COURT he/she will start in.
6. The players switch side every ODD GAMES.
7. Ladder matches DO NOT take precedence over league, tournament or casual game.
8. Because of time constraints, keep the WARM UP to 5 minutes, unless agreed by both players to warm up a little longer.
9. Because of time constraints, use the FIRST IN serve approach, unless agreed by both players to serve STRAIGHT IN.
10. In case your game is NOT FINISHED (because of time or weather problems), you can RESCHEDULE to finish your game or enter your UNFINISHED score in the score sheet located in the bulletin board inside the clubhouse.
11. When in DOUBT, call the ball "IN" or RE-PLAY the point.
12. It is the responsibility of the WINNER to enter the scores in the score sheet.
13. In case your opponent doesn't show up within 15 minutes of the arranged time, you WIN BY DEFAULT unless it is mutually agreed to reschedule your game.
14. Enter YOUR score in the HORIZONTAL portion of the score sheet.
15. If you are going to BE AWAY for a long period of time, you MUST mark "NOT AVAILABLE" in the score sheet so that you can stay in your box.
16. DEADLINE to play your games is on the LAST DAY of the month. A new box will be issued in the first week of the month.
17. The player/players with the MOST POINTS move up a box. The player/players with the LEAST POINTS move down a box.
18. If you DON'T PLAY any games during the month, you will drop DOWN 2 boxes. If you don't play any games in 2 straight months, you will be put at the BOTTOM of the box or will be taken out of the ladder.
19. Members who want to JOIN the ladder can join at any time by signing up in the ladder sheet located in the clubhouse bulletin board.
20. NEW PLAYERS joining the ladder will be placed in a box the ladder co-ordinator thinks he/she fits in.
21. NEW ENTRANTS will only begin play at the beginning of the following month so be sure to sign up EARLY in the month.

Remember, this is only a FRIENDLY game so good luck in your games, ENJOY and have FUN.


1. Please RESPOND to match requests as soon as possible. If a player fails to respond to a match request or declines to play, they will LOSE by Default. The player that loses by Default will NOT be awarded any points. The other player, or "Winner", of the match will receive 8 points.
3. The Ladder match is played as a Pro Set. A Pro Set is a set where the winner is the first to win 8 games, by a margin of 2 (for example, 8-6), playing sudden death points in games that reach Deuce. If a match is tied at 7-7, a 12 point tie breaker is played to determine the winner of the match. If you have not reached the end of the set in the allotted time, whoever is winning after the 40 minute time period has expired is declared the winner unless agreed by both players to reschedule the remainder of the game. The score after the tiebreaker will always be 8-7.
9. You can WARM UP as long as you like. Remember though that you only have 40 minutes to play your match. The longer you warm up, the shorter your match is and the less points you will score!
13. If a player FAILS to show up to a match, he/she will LOSE by Default. The player that loses by Default will NOT be awarded any points. The other player, or "Winner", of the match will receive 8 points.
17. Each box will contain a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 7 players.