The Appleby Tennis Club offers yearly tournaments for Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles which include events for Adults and Juniors members.


  • Womens Singles (Ages 12 to 99)
  • Womens Doubles (Ages 12 to 99)
  • Womens Singles 60+ (Ages 50 to 99)
  • Mens Singles (Ages 12 to 99)
  • Mens Doubles (Ages 12 to 99)
  • Men's Singles 60+ (Ages 60 to 99)
  • Mixed Doubles (Ages 12 to 99)
  • Junior (Under 18) Singles (Ages 6 to 18)
  • Parent-Child (<= 18 years old) Doubles (Ages 8 to 99)

(A minimum of 8 players & a maximum of 32 players per bracket are required for the bracket to be offered in the tournament. Deadline to sign-up is July 1st 2018).


1. Arrange your game with the person in your draw bracket by email or phone
2. Each player must bring a NEW CAN OF BALLS. The winner will receive the new can from the other player.
3. If both players agree, lightly used balls may be used for play.
4. Game format is BEST OF 3 SETS unless both players agree to play a PRO SET (first player to win 8 games). If there is not enough time, you will have to reschedule to finish your match.
5. If playing a PRO SET, if the score is 7-7, a 7 point TIE BREAKER will be played to decide who is the winner.
6. One player SPINS his/her racket to decide who SERVES FIRST. The other player then decides WHICH COURT he/she will start at.
7. The players switch sides every ODD GAME.
8. If your opponent doesn’t show up within 15 minutes of the arranged time, you will win by default, unless it is mutually agreed to reschedule your game.
9. If a match is not played by the deadline, BOTH players will be disqualified unless there is proof that one of the players made an effort to schedule the game. The player who has demonstrated they tried to initiate the game will win by default.
10. Winners of the first round goes to the Club championships bracket. The non-winner goes to the consolations bracket.
11. The winner is responsible to enter the scores on the score sheet

Good luck in your games, ENJOY and have FUN.